Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellanea, Vol. 2

I've been mulling over this thought by Joseph Campbell for a while:

What does this say about the nature of plans? I am such a planner. Are all plans futile, according to Campbell? Or can we still make new ones as long as we are willing to let go of the ones that are no longer serving us?

I need a plan for what to do with all of my photos. How do you guys organize yours? I have so many amazing ones I'd hate to lose, like this old family black and white:

Pictured left to right: My Gramma Kathleen, Aunt Gloria, Mama (the baby), and Aunt Norma

This weekend, I signed up for a Flickr pro account hoping to organize both my print and digital photos and maybe get some of them in book form. But it is slow-going. For those who use Flickr, does it just take you forever to upload stuff to the site? Any solutions for me?

I love it when healthy things are also delicious. I just stumbled on this recipe for Buffalo cauliflower. I wonder if it's anything like Buffalo wings...maybe I’ll make this to nosh on the next time I watch a Steelers' game and find out.

Speaking of the Steelers, I can’t wait to put my son in this. Yeah, basically, all of it.

Maybe I am part of the reason GQ voted my hometown one of the worst dressed cities in the United States.  It’s true, Pittsburghers can get crazy with the game-day apparel, even ex-pats like me who live in New York. But people should have pride in their home teams. And does this really make us the worst-dressed? Furthermore, I want to know which cities GQ deems the best-dressed, considering fashion centers like LA and NY are also on their poorly-dressed list. How do these things get decided anyway?

We’re heading to Israel this summer for my step-son’s bar mitzvah. Baby boy is going to be about 9 months old then. I need travel tips. Love these recommendations from Cup of Jo and Rockstar Diaries.  What advice do you have?

Need a good laugh? I could watch this clip of Eugene Mirman doing stand-up over and over.

Also, I can’t wait to see This is 40.  I hope the movie is as hilarious as the trailer. What movies are you dying to see?


  1. Continue to plan.. just don't dwell and be upset when plans don't go according to plan.

  2. 9 month baby and airplane travel will be easy peasy. Nurse for take off and landing and bring some new toys. He will do great and so will you!


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